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Important BeeMyHome Notice Regarding COVID-19

The safety and well-being of our customers and staff is our number one priority.  Regardless of how the situation develops we will be available online 7 days a week through our Facebook page.  You can also email us any time at or telephone 0191 3897299. 


Please read below for preliminary guidance during this difficult time.  We will provide further updates as and when we have them. 


Is BeeMyHome still conducting viewings at properties?

Yes.  We will continue to offer viewings at our properties, as far as reasonably possible. 


For empty properties a member of the BeeMyHome team will available to let you in, assuming we are still able to work and are not in self-isolation. 


In the instances of tenanted properties we will be guided by the occupier as to whether they wish the viewing to go ahead or not.  Should we be unable to accommodate a viewing for you at this time we will endeavour to organise a viewing at the earliest possible time.


Can I still list my property with BeeMyHome during this time?

Absolutely.  We are always very keen to list your property and have a number of methods we can support you in doing this;


1 .  If you are comfortable leaving us keys, we are happy to photograph and floor plan in your absence.  We only need an hour, which is just enough time to walk the dog!  We carry antibacterial hand gel in our cars and ensure we touch as little as possible during our visit.

2.     Alternatively, you can take your own photographs and send them to us on email.  All we ask is that your images are landscape to enable a smooth upload to our system.  We can always revisit and add more photographs as and when we are able. 






Should I still pay my rent?

Yes.  Rent remains payable.


If you are unable to make a full month’s rental payment due to changes in your employment situation, please communicate this to BeeMyHome as soon as possible.  It is important we understand your individual circumstances so we can discuss things clearly with your landlord.  You should continue to pay as much as you can, as frequently as you can.  BeeMyHome may be able to help you make an application for benefit if you are entitled to it. 


If you are unable to make payment your Landlord may require evidence of financial hardship to pass over to their mortgage lender.  Without this, the mortgage payment may still be due which will put your Landlord in a very difficult position.


Any outstanding rent during this period will still be due for payment and landlords and tenants are expected to work together to establish an affordable payment plan.



What do I do about repairs?

Please continue to report your repair needs as necessary. 


We understand that repairs are important and we ask for your understanding and patience with us at this time.  Some of our staff and contractors are not able to leave the house and may be required to self-isolate, in which case we will advise you of this and arrange for the repair to be carried out once this period of self-isolation is over.  In an emergency, all reasonable attempts will be undertaken to complete the repair or to make safe as soon as possible. 


Please note at no time should our staff be the subject of verbal or physical abuse.  We will not hesitate to contact the police should we feel threatened.  Remember, we are trying our best to help you.



Will I still get my property inspections?

We will be postponing all non-essential property inspections at this time.



What about my CP12 / Annual Gas Safety Check?

All gas appliances must be checked at intervals of no more than 12 months.  Whilst it is a legal requirement to do this, we may not be able to complete an inspection on time as a result of self-isolation by the tenant or our contractors.  Should this be the case, we will arrange an inspection at the earliest opportunity following the period of self-isolation.






Will I still receive my rent?

We will endeavour to collect your rent as usual, where possible.  It is inevitable that some tenants will struggle to find this money if they are dismissed from their employment or forced to work under SSP conditions.


We will be unable to serve notice to tenants as a result of non-payment of rent during this time of financial crisis.  For more information direct from Government, please click here;


At BeeMyHome, we are advising tenants to pay as much as they are able, as frequently as they are able and will accrue rent arrears on their accounts as necessary.  Should you wish to discuss an alternative payment arrangement or a rent-reduction period for your tenant, please let us know and we will speak to individual tenants accordingly.



Are you still able to effectively manage my property at this time?

Absolutely.  Whilst we prefer to communicate with tenants face to face, we have many methods of keeping in touch.  We are contactable 7 days a week through our Facebook page, our emails are monitored 7 days a week and should we be asked to work from home, our telephones will be diverted to our mobiles.  Many of our tenants also use WhatsApp and have access to our mobile numbers. 


You may also find it useful to refer to the ‘I Am a Tenant’ section above for further information about repairs, inspections, rent and CP12’s.




We are very keen to keep all properties in our sales pipeline moving.  Should we be asked to self-isolate we have contingency in place to enable us to work from home.


For sales however, we rely heavily on solicitors, Land Registry, surveyors, mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders and removal firms so some elements of the process are outside of our control.  Many of our partners will also be working from home so we will work together to keep your sale/purchase progressing.  Should this not be possible we will let you know as soon as we know.

Posted on Friday 20th March 2020


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