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Instructions Booming as Property Market Begins to Regain Health

Instructions Booming as Property Market Begins to Regain Health

Following an extremely hectic few weeks, BeeMyHome is delighted to announce that with lockdown measures being relaxed, our phones are now busier than ever!

It’s hardly surprising really. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low, people are longing for more space and the freedom of gardens and parks, many are eager to move closer to family (or perhaps further away?!) and everyone is looking forward to a healthier, happier life within the constraints of the new normality.

One common question we are hearing is, will the pandemic affect the price of my house? The answer is yes - almost certainly. However what is important to remember, is that a 5% sway in London is far greater than a 5% sway in the north east. Indeed a 5% sway in the north east is probably no different to our usual ‘wiggle room’ on sale negotiations. Furthermore, its no secret that the north east has always been an attractive proposition to the Southern investor. Even more so now.

So what's holding you back? Why hesitate and miss out?

The truth is, sales and instructions are soaring and for all those home-movers who have been stuck in limbo, things are finally starting to move once more. Estate agents, surveyors and removals companies have all been given the green light to reopen their offices, our solicitors are pushing hard to get chains to completion and viewings can recommence, provided we can ensure they are conducted safely.

At BeeMyHome we are implementing some new safety measures both in store and whilst out and about. This is to ensure the continued safety and well-being of our staff and clients, as well as minimising the risk of spreading the disease. Many of our vendors conduct their own viewings however, so we have put together this simple checklist to help you when viewing or showing a property;

·         Maintain safe social distancing measures – 2 metres is recommended

·         Sanitise your hands before entering a property

·         Do not touch – vendors should leave doors open and lights on, so there is minimal risk of visitors touching handles or switches

·         Use your own transport where possible, or even better walk to your viewings

·         Be punctual. There may be other people viewing and it is important not to have too many people gathering in one place

·         Sanitise your hands upon leaving the property

·         Do not be offended if vendors or viewers choose to wear a mask and gloves 

·         Take a pen and a notepad so you do not have to borrow one, should you wish to make notes

·         And finally, don’t shake hands. It’s not impolite - It’s just sensible.

If you are serious about selling, list now. List whilst the weather is good. List whilst the kids are at home. List whilst the adults have time on their hands. List whilst everyone is browsing the internet. List with BeeMyHome.

Posted by Victoria Valentine, Wednesday 27th May 2020


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