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Is your garden summer-ready?

Is your garden summer-ready?

With the summer months nearly upon us, making the most of any outdoor space you may have is at the top of a lot of homeowners lists. Whether you have a small patio or acres of land there are plenty of ideas to make ample use of the area you have.


If you have a smaller yard you probably think you are more restricted with what you can do however this can be an opportunity to be more creative. No matter how small your outdoor space may be there is always room for hanging baskets! Try hanging some baskets from your fence, balcony or walls. If you’re in to growing your own herbs and veggies in your garden you will be pleased to know strawberries, thyme, mint and rosemary all grow well in hanging baskets.


In smaller spaces having items that have dual uses can be handy. Some benches and garden chairs also offer storage space under the seats, therefore if you are restricted for room and a shed isn’t suitable, these can be very useful – you also then have a pleasant seating area for yourself and guests.


If your property has a large outdoor space try creating a focal point. Having something to focus on in the garden creates a sense of flow and purpose and helps to immediately direct the eye. Good ideas for focal points include a cluster of bright, colourful plants, bird bath or a quirky architectural piece – placement is everything, so find your focus point and play around with it to see what works best in your space.


Lastly, if you are wanting something low maintenance but something you can still sit out on and enjoy those long summer nights, faux grass can be a great alternative to the real thing. While not one of the cheapest options, you can buy different grades of grass and the cost changes with these respectively. Also, the lack of maintenance and attention faux grass requires soon out-weighs the financial aspect.


Happy gardening!! 

Posted on Wednesday 31st May 2017


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