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Selling Your Home – Is Christmas REALLY a bad time to list?

Many estate agents will tell you winter is a bad time to list your property for sale, but could this just be a lazy industry attitude? 

We all know that winter brings darker nights, wetter weather and plummeting temperatures but ultimately people always need houses, right?

According to The Advisory and the help of Rightmove data we can very specifically state that Monday's and Tuesday's are the best days to sell, with March being the best month to sell and August and December being the worst.  Probably nothing especially surprising there, taking into account the annual school holidays. 

Spring is also, traditionally the best time to sell your house. 

This being the case, surely you need to 'go live' before this to ensure you are seen?  Conventional wisdom teaches us that the best time to sell would be when there are high levels of demand and low levels of supply.  For houses therefore this would mean the best time to sell is when there are lots of buyers searching and fewer competitors selling.  Perhaps winter is a good time to list after all?

Think about it;


First-time buyers - They've just had their last Christmas at home, perhaps the house was busy and over-crowded for the festive frivolities, so they decide New Year, New Home.


Divorcees - Perhaps this was just one Christmas too many with their long-suffering partner?  New Year, New Start.


The next-steppers - Perhaps squeezing four people around the dinner-table-that-used-to-accommodate-two was just too much this year.  “We really need a bigger house!”  Moreover, because most people are off-work over Christmas, they can enjoy browsing Rightmove and Zoopla together over the festive period. 


The empty-nesters - Winter is a cold and expensive time.  Once the kids have flown the nest, is there really any need for this four-bed family home?  Think of the cost savings if we down-size?

I’m not saying you will sell over Christmas.  What I do believe however, is that it’s a great time to be seen.  Take advantage of the fact that less competition puts your property top of the pile, so when people begin their search, their eyes fall on your property

After all, it only takes one buyer…


Posted by Victoria Valentine, Saturday 16th November 2019


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